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The Gromi is our pint sized performance skim shape for all the little rippers out there. The beveled rail edge is catch free which helps with control and learning along with the fuller diamond tip shape for stability. The single concave into a slotted tail lets the board glide with ease. Multiple fin set-ups let your grom customize the ride as their ability improves or changes. Run a single fin for classic skimming, two outside fins as a twin set up for a looser surf feel, or all three fins as a tri for driving down the line. Enjoy two plush footstraps as well! Whether you're working on better footplacement on

startups or dialing in your 360's...the additional removable foostraps will come in handy!


C$520.00 Prix original
C$399.00Prix promotionnel
Couleur: Turquoise
    • GRANBY: 450-777-1101
    • MIRABEL: 450-565-1111
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