The All-Star of Advanced Surf-Style.  Based on a mild swallow, wide-hull teardrop, the Sweet Spot in its 9th year with a vivid deck and hull; shockingly still surfing better than it looks.  The Sweet profile allows for seamless surface spins in 360s, 720s, and 1080s with all the pop necessary for boosting huge airs.  The WoodLoc strength and the Rocket Rocker combine for a burst of power as the STEPtech tail releases from the wave with ease.  Borrowing the Vortex Channel from the line-leading Blue Lake this is a seriously fast board with tremendous forgiveness with its width.  An advanced board with the tolerance for intermediate surfers the Sweet Spot is a safe bet for your progressive season.  Includes pair of Speedline fins. 

Ability Level: Intermediate to Pro

Rider Weight Range: 100 to 225+ lbs. depending on wake size.

Specs: 4’8” x 21” x 1.75” - 7 lbs.
Deck Pads: Front and rear flat and arch deck traction inserts included.
Fins:  Quad fin option. Includes one pair of Blue Standard 9cm surf fins.