Rail to Rail in White Brushed Carbon Fiber the fastest down-the-line wakesurfer includes beautiful graphics and a shining finish. The high-performance wakesurfer with the blow your hair back speed at the forefront, the Swallow delivers the huge, stalled bottom turns with unparalleled recovery from even the furthest back. With STEPtech and a Vortex Channel the Swallow is the most engineered surf-style performer in the lineup. The Swallow is designed for huge snaps, aerials and high-speed aggressive ocean-inspired riding behind your boat. If you own and love a Blue Lake, this is the next progression in a modified Gun shape with an authentic swallow tail. Now with Sammamish Red Standard Fins included. 

Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced 
Rider Weight Range: 100 to 250+ lbs. depending on wake size. 
Specs: 5’3” x 20.5” x 1.75” - 8 lbs. 
Deck Pads: Front and rear flat and arch deck traction inserts included. 
Fins: Quad fin option. Includes one pair of Orange Standard 9cm surf fins. 

Dyed Carbon Fiber: After years of working with our factory we’ve developed an advanced process to fully brush CARBON glass with colored epoxy dye – this makes every Swallow V2 board UNIQUE by design! We wanted it to resemble a “distressed-denim look” and give you a board that no one else can have.